At Alpha Phi, what we love most about our house is whom we share it with. Whether it’s road trips to Vegas, going to music festivals, getting ready for exchanges together, tanning by the recreational pool, or surviving midterms in the library we know it’s better with each other. Through all the obstacles college brings, we stand together, and are always there for our sisters.


Some of our amazing sisterhood events include group yoga in downtown Davis, day trips to San Francisco, shopping sprees at Brandy Melville, going to sporting events like San Francisco Giants and Sacramento Kings games, our yearly weekend retreat in Lake Tahoe, and doing seasonal activities like going to the pumpkin patch and ice skating with our sisters. 


If there’s anything Alpha Phi's love more than each other, it’s having fun together! Our Director's of Internal and External events always make sure we have a fun and exciting social calendar for the quarter. We have various social events like formals, cocktails, exchanges, date dashes, dinners, BBQ's, and more. We always love a night out with our sisters, but you can also find us at the Alpha Phi house watching movies or just hanging out and having a good time!


Here at Alpha Phi, we pride ourselves on being able to balance academics, involvements, and community service with a full social calendar. No matter what your weekend plans are, you can always count on having your sisters by your side to laugh and create lasting memories with!

Design by Catherine Ratana-Kelley